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Zach Carpenter


910-750-7780 x1106

Zach has lived in Onslow County for over 11 years, and watched the community grow into a homely, welcoming place to live. While working alongside the real estate industry through lawn care, he became a real estate broker in 2021 to work closer with families who wanted to make Onslow County their home. As an Eagle Scout and small business owner, his focus has always been on the people he’s helping.

For Zach, the entire home finding process is important, whether it’s large facets like location, or details such as closet space. The benefit of working with a rental agent like him is that your needs will always be best met.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, gardening, and working out. Purchasing his home in 2019, he planted his roots in Jacksonville, and looks forward to raising a family in Onslow County.

Zach: About
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