Web Presence

The internet has emerged as the leading source of prospective tenants for our properties. People prefer the ease with which they can review numerous properties in a short period of time. Realty Shop & Property Management has worked diligently to ensure our web presence is one of the most comprehensive and aggressive in our area. When prospective tenants review our listings, they enjoy interior and exterior photos, interior room measurements, and a comprehensive description of your property. Sounds obvious, but many of our competitors don’t do this. We diligently strive to expose your property to the highest degree to eliminate it from sitting idle on the market without a tenant.

Realty Shop & Property Management also takes advantage of nationally and locally branded search sites that our prospective tenants use to find housing. We market through the following sites:

Jacksonville Board of REALTORS (JBOR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS) & Centralized Showing Service

The JBOR Multiple Listing Service is available to and accessible by licensed Realtors in the Jacksonville area. This comprehensive database includes extensive information and photographs of properties and land, both commercial and residential, available for sale and for rent.

Through Centralized Showing Service, a value-added feature of JBOR MLS, showings are coordinated electronically, allowing qualified Real Estate agents to show your property any time of the day or night that is convenient for prospective tenants, increasing the opportunities for the property to be seen and rented.

JBOR MLS partners with a national listing service, ListHub. “ListHub is the broadest, most widely adopted network for listing distribution and works in connection with MLSs, franchises and core real estate technologies. ListHub brings a comprehensive system for maximizing listing exposure.” Through this powerful service, your property listing will be available on the internet’s most widely used housing search sites. is the official website of the National Association of Realtors and the most-visited online clearinghouse of rental properties in the country. allows agents to include additional text, photos, headlines, and scrolling text to enhance the listing and get your property noticed. These special properties are called Showcase Listings and Realty Shop & Property Management uses the showcase features for all of our listings.

In addition, Realty Shop & Property Management’s listings have additional exposure through numerous nationwide websites and local partner programs. To list a few:,,,,, and many more!

Craigslist is a free website where people all over the world gather to trade information on available housing, employment, merchandise, etc. We regularly post our listings to the Jacksonville section of Craigslist and have experienced excellent results. Our custom designed postings enhance your property listing. These appealing flyers stand out from the typical Craigslist post.

Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour can also enhance the exposure of your home. This tour is linked to a variety of websites including your MLS listing, and the listing on We can link the tour to additional major portals and real estate sites that allow them to show the tour with your listings. We are constantly adding new automated distribution partners so your tour will be visible in as many places as possible.

Supplementary Marketing

Yard Signs

Many prospective tenants call as a result of seeing one of our signs in front of a property.

Our signs are highly visible throughout the local area and immediately recognized as a symbol of professional and quality management. All other advertising reinforces the power of our signs by incorporating our logo. Our website is listed on our signs, directing prospective tenants to photos of and information about your home that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.