Moving Out

Whether you’re switching jobs, have military orders or any other reason, we wish you all the best. To make the move-out process easier, we’ve provided some basic tips below:

1. Make sure you have read your lease carefully and have provided us with the written notice that you intend to vacate as your lease specifies.

2. Provide your move-out notice via e-mail, regular mail or fax. Please include your name and the date you plan to be out of the property.

3. Print the “Addendum B-Cleaning Instructions” found in the downloads tab on the left and use it as a guide to ensure you leave the property in good condition and receive all of your security deposit back. If you have any questions, give us a call.

4. Don’t forget to provide us with a forwarding address and updated phone numbers so that we can forward your security deposit to you quickly.

5. Please be sure to provide a copy of your carpet and fireplace cleaning receipt. Remember, the carpet and fireplace must be cleaned by a professional cleaning company. Failure to provide a receipt will result in a cleaning fee which will be your responsibility. Also, if you had pets provide a copy of the receipt of flea spraying by a professional company. * Flea spray to be completed after carpet cleaning.

6. Remember, rent continues until you turn in ALL of your keys to our office regardless of whether you’ve completely moved out. Utilities must remain on and in your name until you have passed your final move-out inspection.